posh girl showing her sexy manicured body

When a chauffeur driven car pulled up outside and Zara slid out we all thought a prima donna was about to grace us with their presence. In fact Zara, despite being very wealthy was surprisingly down-to-earth and had even brought home made cup cakes for everyone on set! As we polished the cakes off Uma had already begun helping Zara out of her clothes and needless to say the two seemed to warm too each other, which was a fantastic sign. It was incredibly horny to see this posh girl showing us her sexy manicured body like we were being allowed to see into another world. Uma wasted no time getting her hands on her and making sure she hit all the right places which was evident form the doe-eyed look on Zara’s face as she came all over Uma’s fingers. It just shows you, you shouldn’t pre judge a person no matter what walk of life they come from, because a horny girl is a horny girl where ever in the world you are.

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