she started to rub her moist clit with the massage stones

Vera’s luck was in today for she had Lola treating her, another blonde bombshell with an “out of this world” body and face to match. Lola is well versed in massaging men and women and loves nothing more than a young tight body to work her oils into. Vera’s body is just that and laying before her with oil cascading down her firm bum cheeks and trickling through her young pussy lips like a river at its mountain source it was impossible to resist. Lola could see Vera was loving every second of the female attention so she started to rub her moist clit with the massage stones she had previously used on her back. She followed this with a couple of fingers which were met with great delight as Vera moaned and yelped as she came, the first of many climaxes for the two girls.


exchange of sexual desires in massage room

A Foot, leg and chest rub was a calm start to what turned out to be a rampant exchange of sexual desires between Mona and Thomas. Mona usually likes to take her time to ensure her clients are well rubbed down and relaxed but on this fine day she was on a mission to get Thomas’s hard cock inside her as soon as possible. It started with a very filthy blow job, shortly followed by Mona getting out her big milky breasts, which looked plump and sexy as she gave Thomas an oily tit fuck, causing his helmet to almost shoot off with excitement. These two connected instantly and off they ventured on their sexual journey of depravity and filth, Mona teasing Thomas by rubbing her wet pussy up and down his cock then riding it hard until she screamed and shuddered as she came all over it.


he rubbing her lovely large heavy white breasts up and down

Steve as always was a true Gent; very calm and collected. He undressed and laid on the table as instructed by Mona so she could start, which she did with a deep muscle massage of his shoulders, and hands soon followed rubbing her lovely large heavy white breasts up and down his body as they dripped with oil. Mona was in her element and very pleased with herself, a large grin filled her face as she turned him over and started to rub his cock and balls until he was displaying a swollen cock which she wasted no time in sucking off as she looked deep in his eyes. After a good sucking Mona jumped up and slid her tight hole all the way down his oily meat and pumped away at it as if it were the last thing she would ever do, making sure she came hard as she rubbed her clit while his hard-on was deep inside her.


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Uma has been training big breasted Mona to follow in her footsteps and treat her own clients with the same expertise and affection but today she was still supervised by our mistress of seduction. Today George’s luck was in once again and he finds himself in the enviable position of being treated by another two sexy girls. Uma started Mona off slow, teaching her arm and shoulder rubs before she laid George down and instructed Mona to rub her plump breasts up and down George’s body whilst covering them and her bum in oil. Mona freed the large bulge which had become evident in George’s trousers so she could suck it whilst she got a good licking the other end. Before long Mona was riding this fat tool and loving every second of it whilst Uma sat on George’s face and also got her fill. It was obvious Uma needed cock too, so while eating Mona out she pushed her pussy in the air for George to fill up with his hard dick.


her first client feel her sexual energy as she massaged him all over

Some girls are horny looking some sexy and some are pure beauty, but our latest masseuse Mona is a bit of all of these attributes mixed into one, making her very special indeed. Her sexy blue eyes and dark hair are a great partner to her fantastic full body and heavy big breasts. She has a look that would make anyone want to get down and dirty. It didn’t take long for her first client Thomas to feel her sexual energy as she massaged him all over, rubbing her massive oiled tits up and down his back until she knew his cock was rock hard. Mona followed a great hand job by jumping up on Thomas’s large cock and riding it hard before he laid behind her and fed her wet pussy his hard meat which caused her to shout out with orgasmic ecstasy.


she got undressed he soon got to work rubbing and oily up her incredible body

Violette has changed in many ways since we last met her, she is now even more glowing with a golden tan and more confident which she demonstrated by striding up to George on arrival and giving him a deep kiss. George was eager to de-robe this sexy young girl and once again massage her gorgeous firm body, so once she got undressed he soon got to work rubbing and oily up her incredible body. Violette was soon naked and face down with her juicy bum exposed for George to ravish, he slipped his fingers inbetween her fresh shaven lips and deep into her young hole causing her to bite her lip with enjoyment and push back on his oily fingers. George was soon on top of Violette, slipping his hard meat deep inside her and it was here the fun really started, both of them now transfixed by the other in a sensual and erotic moment as they enjoyed many positions with Violette climaxing a number of times while George tried to resist the irresistible urge to pull out and spurt all over her pussy lips.


her nipples rub her clit until she climaxed

If there’s one thing Lola likes more than massive hard cock it’s sexy girls with big tits, she loves to oil them up and give them a really good squeeze. So when Mona turned up for a massage Lola was very excited as she noticed straight away that Mona’s breasts were full and heavy and hung perfectly like flowers in the gardens of Babylon. Soon enough Mona was helped to get undressed and Lola was pleasantly surprised to see that Mona’s beautiful brown hair and big blue eyes were matched by a wonderfully firm body. Oil was soon cascading down Mona’s chest and Lola got her rub and squeeze in before she ventured down to Mona’s by now moist pussy to give it a some much need attention before she stripped off, climbed on top and rubbed her tight slit up and down Mona’s massive breasts allowing her nipples to rub her clit until she climaxed.


it impossible to resist massaging her unbelievable tits which look almost unreal

It’s always good to have girls who can relax in front of a camera and let themselves go in the moment, lucky for George this is what happened today. Billie was on the table; with her fantastic body and big breasts she is a cracker and was bubbling with expectation and excitement, ready for a great rub down and whatever else was to follow. It all started off very professional with a bum and foot rub but George found it impossible to resist massaging Bille’s unbelievable tits which look almost unreal as they are so perfect in every way and once he had touched them he nearly ripped a hole in his trousers! He just had to go down on her pussy to lick and taste the juices she had on offer, this was followed by a good fingering and subsequently George got his throbbing cock out and pushed it deep inside her which was met by welcoming yelps and groans. Billie was enjoying every stroke and was soon coming hard all over George’s swollen package, after the first orgasm George slipped his fingers back in her wet hole, making her pussy squelch and her to scream with pleasure, twisting her body all over the place as she came once again. With her pussy juice dripping down her bum cheeks on to the table below George stuck his cock inside her, taking those creamy juices which now adorned his cock and putting them in Billie’s mouth as she sucked his cock dry. But this was far from the last action of the day.


she rubbing and fingered her pussy bringing her to orgasm

Lola knows Kari well and the two were very happy to see each other, have a squeeze and a hug. It didn’t take them long to get ready and before you could say “great tits” Kari was on the table and Lola was oiling her up all over. It soon became evident that Kari was very excited as a wet patch appeared through her knickers, Lola spotted her excitement and did her best to make sure she got wetter and wetter, eventually pulling back Kari’s knickers to reveal her soaking little young hole. Before long Lola was rubbing her pussy on Kari’s knee as she fingered her bringing her to orgasm. Now it was Lola’s turn to strip off totally and lay down on her side as Kari began to rub oil on her pussy and returned the favour by slipping her oily fingers in Lola’s perfect pussy until she was gyrating and shuddering all over the table.


when he works with her sexy body she biting her lip with excitement

Many people presume because Sylvia is so stunning that her whole life if perfect in every way, but this of course it not true and more so in the sex department, men are intimidated by her and therefore she hardly has sex, so when George laid her down on his table and worked away at her sexy body we could see she was engulfed in the moment and was biting her lip with excitement. This drove George nuts, but he kept his cool and after giving her a great leg and bum rub he could not help but slowly edged his face towards her lovely little bum and pussy and started to lick away like the expert he is. Sylvia was so thrilled she couldn’t help but let out a big smile and proceeded to push her bum hard into George’s face. After she had cum all over George’s mouth he turned her over and gave her a sensual breast rub by which time she was so turned on she undid his trousers and gave him a great hand and blow job, working the shaft like a girl who may never see a cock again. From this moment on the two of them were transfixed by each other and it all ended with a heavy load being shot up Sylvia’s tight pussy.